Jellyfish-like Flying machine

Researchers at New York University have created a small four-winged Jellyfish-like flyer with wings that move inward and outward, rather than flapping up and down like a bird or insect.   Watch the video…

An aerodynamic model of the flight forces and orientational stability of a hovering ornithopter.

Images © Journal of The Royal Society

Jellyfish-like Flying machine 2

The top figures illustrate the body and wing design; the bottom figures detail the motor assembly (left), and the wingspan assembly (right).

The jellyfish-like flyer is 10 centimeters long. A tether wired to an external power source supplies energy.

It weighs 2.1 grams, including a 1.1 gram motor.

The researchers experimented with wing trim to achieve stability, along different flight paths and different voltages.

Jellyfish-like Flying machine 3

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source Journal of The Royal Society.