Jumbo Jet - Private Plane

In our days when flying first isn’t enough, billionaires opting to buy and customize their own commercial Airbus A380 or Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets models.    Image © Boeing

According to an Airbus “Billionaires Study” it turns out the very wealthy often like to travel with dozens of business associates and or all family members.

Since the late 1990s, jet manufactures have been decorated their commercial models with luxury interiors.

Airbus Jumbo Jet - Private Plane

The interior of an Airbus A319. Image credit Airbus

But super-rich from China, Russia and the Middle East, created an expansion of the private jumbo jet business.

Boeing since 1996 has finished 195 units out of 217 order and Airbus, for the same period, has sold over 170 private air crafts.

The exact cost of these super Jumbo Jets is not known, but Wired estimated them to a stunning $300 million.

Jumbo Jet - Private Plane (2)

Private interior for a Boeing 747-8. Image credit Boeing

Boeing interior

Boeing interior with a king-size bed hidden in the rear. Image credit Boeing

Jumbo Jet - Private Plane (6)

Boeing 747-8. Image credit Boeing

via Wired