design and 3D print Toys

Autodesk’s new app lets kids design and then 3D print their own toys!   Watch the video…

Autodesk Tinkerplay is a free app letting you design and customize your own creatures and toys, on your mobile device and make them real by 3D printer.

The Tinkerplay app is based on the popular Modio app, which Autodesk previously acquired, and will join the Tinkercad™ family of products. The Tinkerplay app allows users to design and customize characters and creatures digitally with the option to 3D print afterwards. The 3D printed parts can also be snapped together for dynamic play. With this launch, new parts, features and functionality have been added to make the world of 3D design simple, fun and engaging.

design and 3D print Toys 2


source 123dapp