Home Security system

Korner it’s a home security system anyone can use and everyone can afford, controlled from your smartphone.

Korner at under $100 and setup under 2 minutes, this is truly built for everybody.

The first 1-piece door/window sensor, that you don’t even noticed!

The window and door sensors, or Tags, stick easily to your door or window!

The corner-piece of our patent-pending innovation – The Tag.  It uses an combination of sensors that allows a slick one-piece design which, compared to the traditional two-piece sensors, works better, simplifies installation and enables an entirely new design ethos:

  • Looks better – Our unique design consumes less power, which permits smaller batteries, and a smaller Tag.  And it’s one piece, no more fumbling with pairing and aligning.  And its contoured shape blends nicely with the surrounding frame!
  • Works better – We more effectively discern between vibrations and actual entry, so less false alarms!
  • Applies more easily – Stick them snugly into the corner of a door or window.  Then pop them off and put them in your pocket when you move!

Smartphone App

Once an intrusion is detected, two things will happen:

  • The Fob will let out a piercing screech to ward off the intruder and alert you if you are in your home (i.e. sleeping)
  • You will instantly receive an alert on your smartphone app that will include two buttons:  one to call the police, the other to forward the alert to your friends, family and neighbors.


Home Security system 4

Home Security system 1

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