Largest Stone Block ever carved

The largest stone block ever carved by human hands been discovered by German archaeologists, dating to more than 2,000 years ago.

Image © Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

The huge stone block found in a stone quarry in Baalbek, Lebanon, measures 64 feet by 19.6 feet and is 18 feet tall and estimated to weigh 1,650 tons.

The Deutsches Archäologisches Institut said in a statement:

“The level of smoothness indicate the block was meant to be transported and used without being cut.

Thus this is the biggest boulder known from antiquity.

Massive stone blocks of a 64-foot length were used for the podium of the huge Temple of Jupiter in the sanctuary.”

As could be detected now, the stone block “Hajjar al-Hibla” lie in the quarry because its quality proved to be inferior and a natural crack in one corner, probably would have broken during transport.

via Discovery

source Deutsches Archäologisches Institut