Last weekend’s Typhoon Jelawat

Typhoon Jelawat in Japan, left approximately 145 people with minor injuries with the hardest hit area around Okinawa. The typhoon produces strong winds and left tens of thousands of people without power.   Image Credit: NASA Goddard/MODIS Rapid Response Team   Watch these amazing videos!

Image above: Former super typhoon Jelawat made landfall in Japan over the weekend of Sept. 29 and 30, bringing heavy rainfall and typhoon-strength wind gusts. The AIRS instrument aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite captured an infrared image that showed the strongest thunderstorms over northern Japan on Sept. 30.

Before making its final landfall, Jelawat’s center passed east of Ishigakijima, where sustained winds of 75 mph (120.7 kph) were reported. A wind gust of 106 mph (170.6 kph) was also reported there, while nearby Takashiki Island reported a wind gust to 132 mph (212.4 kph)!

via NASA