LAX enhancements project by AECOM

The LAX Los Angeles International airport, the world’s sixth busiest airport with 61 million passengers who travel annually, is undergoing enhancements by AECOM, from the parking to the eight terminals.

Images © AECOM/Yan Wang and Michael Frederick

“The enhanced CTA is articulated with a polychromatic light ribbon that is synchronized with the entry pylons; the light ribbon defines the elevated roadway edge and is modulated with three-dimensional super-graphic terminal identifiers and 91 white sculptural light poles. The project amplifies at the airport’s midpoint and largest terminal, the Tom Bradley International Terminal, where a series of aerodynamic metallic canopies will replace the existing structures.”

LAX enhancements project by AECOM (3)

Jed Zimmerman, AECOM principal and LAX Enhancements architectural project director, said:

“The LAX Enhancements project will dramatically improve the LAX traveler’s experience with a design that captures the spirit of Los Angeles. The design functions as a kit of parts that can be easily phased and built upon for all future enhancement projects.”

LAX enhancements project by AECOM (2)

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source AECOM