Life in Biosphere 2

Twenty years ago, a group of scientists built an ark in the desert, a closed ecological system, the Biosphere. Media attention and controversy surrounded it from the beginning. In this video you will find out the real story.

With a size comparable to two and a half football fields, it remains the largest closed system ever created. The glass facility is elevated nearly 4,000 feet (1300 m) above sea level at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains, about half an hour outside Tucson.

Life in Biosphere 2 -

Image © wikimedia

Biosphere 2 contained representative biomes: a 1,900 square meter rainforest, an 850 square meter ocean with a coral reef, a 450 square meter mangrove wetlands, a 1,300 square meter savannah grassland, a 1,400 square meter fog desert, a 2,500 square meter agricultural system, a human habitat, and a below-ground level technical infrastructure.

Heating and cooling water circulated through independent piping systems and passive solar input through the glass space frame panels covering most of the facility, and electrical power was supplied into Biosphere 2 from an onsite natural gas energy center through airtight penetrations.

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