How To Climb Mount Everest


In this video you can see how some amazing guys climb on Mount Everest

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Incredible riding on a Mountain Bike


Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out.  Want to see what Danny MacAskill does with his mountain bike on his day off, at the Scottish country?

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Wingjump- first wings for skiing

Wingjump- first wings for skiing

Wingjump world’s first wings for skiing, offer an amazing feeling.

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BASE Jump into Clouds

Are your palms sweating? Mine are! A BASE jumper makes an incredible leap from a highrise somewhere awesome in the world…

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Skydivers on a Mega Swing


Take four skydivers, two hot air balloons, a 125m long rope with a seat on the end, climb to 1,800m in a hot air balloon…

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Stuntman successfully jumps the Snake River Canyon

Stuntman successfully jumps the Snake River Canyon

Stuntman Eddie Braunover successfully jumps on a rocket, the Snake River Canyon.

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Take a look at the introduction of a brand new sport by the team at Freefl, the Dronesurfing

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Skydiver set fire to her Parachute


Watch Brianne Thompson setting fire to her parachute, during skydiving…

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Johanna Under The Ice

Johanna Under The Ice (1)

Watch Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad that holds the world record for a 50-meter dive under ice, diving under the Arctic ice…

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Truck jumps 379 feet over a ghost town

Truck jumps 379 feet over a ghost town (1)

Watch Bryce Menzies setting world record, by launching truck 379 feet

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