Light Cocoon sports car

Light Cocoon the ultimate in lightweight construction sports car with a 3D-printed skeleton, wrapped in an outer skin waterproof textile.

The material used at the Light Cocoon by EDAG, as an outer-panel is provided by the specialists Jack Wolfskin, and offers ideal weather protection.

The “EDAG Light Cocoon” is not just a concept study of a compact, dynamic sports car, but also an unprecedented projection of the ultimate in future lightweight construction: a complete, bionically optimised vehicle structure combined with a weatherproof textile outer skin panel, which marks a new dimension for lightweight construction and automobile aesthetics: backlight technology illuminates the skeleton-like, organic structure, and brings the “EDAG Light Cocoon” to life.

Also involved in this extraordinary and visionary concept are outdoor specialists Jack Wolfskin. Their outdoor textile “Texapore Softshell” provides ideal weather protection for the “EDAG Light Cocoon”.

via engadget

source EDAG