Lightning over Braunfels, Germany

The photo above showing a cloud-to-ground lightning strike during an eerie electrical storm was taken from the balcony of my home overlooking the city of Braunfels, Germany.   Image credit: Oliver Stiehler   Used with permission.

It doesn’t take much imagination to think that late one night, in a lab of the pictured castle, such a bolt of electricity might jolt a certain man-made monster to life and rouse a caped count, known for his unnatural affinity for erythrocytes, from his cozy coffin. Braunfels is a picturesque, tranquil town during the day, but on a stormy night… well, it’s best to keep your windows shut, your doors locked and a garlic bulb or two handy — and try to ignore those baying hounds. Photo taken in August 29, 2012.

Summary Authors:  Oliver Stiehler; Jim Foster

via EPOD