Long Wave by David Rokeby

Long wave, an art installation by David Rokeby, commissioned by Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity and was on view at the Allen Lambert Galleria, Brookfield Place, in Toronto.

Images credit: David Rokeby

Long Wave by David Rokeby (4)

The installation was 380 foot long, 60 foot high, tracing a helix through the entire length of the galleria, constructed from 63 large red spheres hanging from the Santiago Calatrava designed arches of the galleria.

“Long wave is a materialization of a radio wave, a normally invisible, but constantly present feature of environment. It represents the length of a radio wave in the short-wave radio band, in between the sizes of AM and FM radio waves. In our contemporary wireless environment, populated by tiny centimeter long wifi transmissions, these radio waves are really the dinosaurs of our communications era. Appropriately, “long wave” also resembles the suspended backbone of an oversized brontosaurus.”

Long Wave by David Rokeby (3)

Long Wave by David Rokeby (1)

Long Wave by David Rokeby (2)

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