Los Angeles Police Body Camera

Los Angeles Police officers will be equipped with body cameras, following New York’s example.

For last year @LAPDHQ has been field testing bodycams. Today we’re announcing cameras will be deployed across department #CommunityPolicing.

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, said:

“Out on the street, things aren’t always clear cut. These cameras will help law enforcement and the public alike find the truth — and truth is essential to the trust between the LAPD and the community, which has been a key factor in lowering crime to record lows. I want to make sure LAPD is on the cutting edge when it comes to crime suppression and constitutional policing.”

While events in Ferguson and President Barack Obama’s call for cameras have brought this issue recent national attention, Mayor Garcetti’s administration has been moving forward on the use of on-body cameras for more than a year.

Councilmember Englander, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, said:

“Los Angeles will be the first major city to have a camera on every police officer. This is a bold step that we took as a City to bring greater transparency to the Los Angeles Police Department.”

via theverge