LuminoGlow lingerie is made from quality stretch crepe chiffon illuminating glow lace to create pretty underwear that looks as good with the lights on and off.

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Even though the high-tech bra and knicker sets glow in a fluorescent green in the dark it is said that they feel invisible to the wearer.

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LuminoGlow was founded in 2008 by Jan Hawley – a self-confessed visionary with an eye for design and a passion for lingerie. Andrea Monti, an Italian with textiles expertise, needed no convincing to come on board. Together, Jan and Andrea have dedicated all of their efforts to creating the ultimate designer glow-in-the-dark lingerie with no shortage of luxury, femininity and seductiveness.

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Prices start at $65 for a thong, up to $180 for a chemise set.

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