Lunar Elevator

LiftPort Group is planning a very ambitious project, to build an elevator on the moon that could be up and running by the end of 2019.   Watch the detailed video…

LiftPort Group is developing a technology that could be used to build a lift on the lunar surface, with an ‘anchor’ that is drilled into the surface. Lunar resources will be carried from the moon to an orbiting station positioned in an area of gravitational stability. Then can be linked, according to the developers, to an Earth-based space elevator.

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LiftPort has generated a preliminary design concept for a Lunar Elevator using currently available technology. The Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure (LSEI, pronounced “Elsie”) will lead to building an elevator that’ll take us deeper into space. The creation of Elsie will open up space for countless scientific and commercial activities that ultimately will benefit all humanity.

The Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure (Elsie) will serve as both testing ground and demonstration of the feats mankind can accomplish when people work together. It’ll be a great opportunity to build on current research findings, and in the design and construction we know we’ll develop materials and engineering techniques and gain technical knowledge that will apply to the design of Earth’s Space Elevator.

The elevator will descend from a space station that LiftPort will build at the Lagrange Point–the location in space that is equidistant from the Moon and the Earth’s gravitational field. It’ll be called the PicoGravity Laboratory (PGL for short.) It will also provide an extremely valuable platform for scientific research as one of the only truly gravity-neutral points in the Solar System.  From the PGL, the elevator cable will drop down to  LiftPort’s LSEI Anchor Station at Sinus Medii.

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source LiftPort Group