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Luxury underwater cruises by Oliver’s travels, with a special made submarine accommodating couples undersea for a private evening, a romantic night.

Oliver’s travels organizes a magic experience submerged beneath the ocean waves, with the underwater vessel’s interior customized to guest specifications.

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Since the dawn of passenger aviation, the so-called ‘Mile High Club’ has been synonymous with rock stars, honeymoon couples and a select number of frequent flyers with more front than Brighton beach.  Today, 62 years since the opportunity to join this exclusive club first become available to the travelling public, luxury property rental specialists Oliver’s Travels has launched the Mile Low Club; a service allowing travellers who like to get their thrills between the sheets to get them beneath the waves at the same time.

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Utilising a specially adapted leisure submarine, interior designed and furnished to the individual customer’s specification, the vessel, nicknamed Lovers Deep, is the latest holiday destination to be added to more than 2,000 other handpicked properties on, each selected for their quirky or unique character.  The Mile Low Club, launched in time for Valentine’s Day 2014, delivers a world-class service that leaves couples able to relax, unwind and enjoy the secluded isolation that the ocean puts between them and the rest of the world.

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