Magic Carp-pet and how it works

“Magic Carp-pet” Rug. Winner of Red Dot Design Award : Best of the Best 2011. There is no electricity, monitor or projector required to make the print on the rug animate. The animation is achieved through an optical illusion effect called “Moire Animation”.

How it works:

The magical rug literally animates!!

When the rug is viewed through the specially designed glass coffee table, an animation of carp appears through a moire effect providing a surprise element of natural liveliness to the interior. The graphic apparition, replacing the traditional fish tank, is also a nod to the decreasing abundance of our most precious natural resource – water. Mythologically, the carp symbolises bravery and fortune. Linguistically, the “carp” becomes a humorous extraction of the “carpet” that reveals this intriguing little conversational piece on the floor.

Designed by John Leung for ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects.