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After the 3D printed base on the Moon proposal by Foster + Partners, comes the permanent settlements on Mars proposition by ZA Architects in Germany, using robotics and local materials to cut the price and risks.

ZA Architects have come up with a concept architecture for future Mars colonization, constructed underground by robots before the humans arrive.

According to ZA Architects:

Resources available on mars:
The surface of Mars is primarily composed of basalt
The Phoenix lander directly sampled water ice in Martian soil
Some martian soil for growing certain agriculture e.g. Asparagus
Basalt is good material to make a protection cave on, to produce insulation, and basalt roving, which is stronger than steel.

Mars colonization by ZA Architects (4)


Colonization stages:
Rocket with digging robots are sent to the Mars
Robots drop-off on the surface
Robots analyze basalt columns on strength value, then each chooses a weakest pillar that equidistant from the others – it is a start position
Robots drill basalt, moving down and increasing diameter of withdrawn rock with each step, until it reaches strong pillars that remain as columns
Chaff set aside to form network of the rampants, in order to protect skylight holes from the wind and dust
After caves are ready human expedition rush to the Mars
Astronauts finish the construction and arrange technical facilities as water, oxygen, basalt processing line, etc.
Using generated basalt roving, robots weave spatial spider-like web, that will be used as spaces and construction to hold domestic and technical facilities.

Mars colonization by ZA Architects (2)

Mars colonization by ZA Architects (1)


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