Martin Luther Church

Austrian firm Coop Himmelb(l)au has completed the ‘Martin Luther church Hainburg’ located in Hainburg, Austria. The swirling roof, which was manufactured in a shipyard, rests like a table-top upon four steel columns over the prayer room of the church.  Photographer Duccio Malagamba

Martin Luther Church

Daylight penetrates the room’s stucco-covered ceiling through the circular voids, as well as through a street-facing facade of projecting glass triangles. The three skylights provide a celestial atmosphere by manipulating the illumination levels and transparency.
Framing was erected from flat welded plates rest upon a grid of girders which transfers loads directly to the four columns below.

A 20 metre-high steel bell-tower soars up into the sky in front of the building’s entrance.

Martin Luther Church (3)

Martin Luther Church (4)

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