Marussia launches MR02 F1

Marussia launches the 2013 season KERS-equipped MR02. It’s the fourth car built by the team known as Virgin in its first two Formula One seasons.

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The chassis of Marussia MR02 is a product of wind tunnel work with McLaren partnership and its Cosworth engine is aided by KERS- Kinetic Energy Recovery System by Williams.

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Marussia launches MR02 F1 (4)

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Marussia launches MR02 F1 (1)


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press release:

Pre-Season Testing, Circuito de Jerez, Spain Tuesday 5 February 2013 This morning we revealed our 2013 challenger – the MR02 – to the media, ahead of the opening day of pre-season testing in Jerez, Spain.

The MR02 represents a comprehensive evolution of the 2012 car, which proved to be the most successful package in our three formative years of competition, borne out by its progressive development during the latter half of last season. Certain elements of the new chassis have been subject to redesign to accommodate important new developments aimed at achieving a further performance step. In addition, the MR02 is the first complete car conceived using a design philosophy of CFD complementing wind tunnel. Although our 2012 in-season development was conducted in this way, the MR01 from conception to launch was all-CFD.

The heart of the car bears the most significant area of redevelopment due to the requirement to accommodate the KERS installation, which is new to the package this season. This created a busier-than-usual programme for the designers as they sought to integrate the system whilst, at the same time, reducing the overall weight of the chassis, maintaining stiffness and meeting the demands of the mandatory FIA crash tests. We are pleased to have met all those requirements, aided by a strong partnership between the Marussia F1 Team engineering department and the first-class support provided by Williams Advanced Engineering in respect of the adopted KERS system. We continue to enjoy similarly strong partnerships with our drivetrain partners Cosworth and Xtrac. Cosworth’s experienced engineers continue to work tirelessly to develop the reliability, power, driveability and fuel consumption of its engine within the tight parameters of Formula 1’s technical regulations. The MR02 will be powered by Cosworth’s CA2013K power unit this season. Our transmission technology partner Xtrac brings an evolution of the 2012 gearbox design, with particular attention paid to increasing the installation stiffness of the suspension.

The technical partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies continues to provide some of the tools which allow us to design and develop an increasingly competitive race car, in particular the use of wind tunnel and simulator. The new Pirelli P Zero tyre shape for 2013 was a significant design factor and one which required the Team to be very diligent in the process of our model to full scale wind tunnel validation.

A further key area of consideration in terms of the aerodynamic development of the MR02 has been achieving enhanced cooling efficiency and hence improving air flow over the rear of the car. This is clearly evident in the new side pod design solution and a more aggressive Coanda-style exhaust, which we believe will be a key area for development in 2013. As is likely to be the trend up and down the pitlane, we will field our major aerodynamic updates in time for the final pre-season test, to allow for maximum tunnel proving time.

Such was the progressive nature of our 2012 development programme, particularly in areas such as the front and rear suspension, certain elements of the MR01’s mechanical design have been carried over to the MR02 to facilitate maximum focus on other major considerations, KERS in particular.

We now embark on the first pre-season test of the year with a four day programme at the Circuito de Jerez. Max Chilton will put the new car through its paces for the first time when the programme gets underway later this morning.