Maserati sail

With Poseidon’s trident on the nose Giovanni Soldini and his team of nine sailors will next year sail the yacht Maserati in an attempt to break the Cadiz-San Salvador (Bahamas), Miami-New York and New York-Lizard Point (UK) records.

The group’s goal?  To set new speed records for three different transatlantic routes:  Cadiz, Spain to San Salvador, Bahamas; Miami to New York; and New York to Lizard Point, England (ok, technically only two different transatlantic routes).

Maserati, this 70-foot VOR carbon-fiber mono-hull racing yacht previously competed in a round-the-world race in 2008-2009.

Maserati sail

An ultra-technological boat of over 20 metres, it makes a case to be the world’s fastest single-hull yacht thanks to a carbon-fibre mast more than 30 metres high, a canting keel, mobile water ballast tanks, forward canard fins; its extremely sleek waterlines and its structures in composite materials.




press release:

Maserati and Soldini to break Atlantic sailing records, together with BSI and Generali
Maserati presents its race against time, teaming up with world-renowned sailor Giovanni Soldini in an attempt to break three important and historic North Atlantic sailing records.FIAT chairman, John Elkann and the president of Yacht Club Italiano, Carlo Croce, introduce the challenge, where Soldini and his team of nine sailors will next year captain the Maserati yacht in an attempt to break the Cadiz-San Salvador (Bahamas), Miami-New York and New York-Lizard Point (UK) records.

The three ocean course attempts will be monitored by the World Sailing Speed Record Council, the international body certifying the record times on the historic clipper routes.

“I am happy that two major companies have decided to approach the world of ocean sailing by supporting this important Italian enterprise,” said Giovanni Soldini, who already has two circumnavigations and over 30 Atlantic crossings to his name.

“We intend to be the first Italian boat to set a record on an official WSSRC route and breaking the North Atlantic record has always been a lifelong dream of mine.”

While the principal partner for the challenge is Maserati, whose name has been given to the boat, the challenge is co-sponsored by the Swiss bank BSI (Generali Group) and Generali itself. Maserati will fly the pennant of Yacht Club Italiano, which was founded in 1879 and is the oldest sailing club in the Mediterranean Sea. Vodafone Italia and Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A. will be official suppliers to the challenge, with Bulgari as the Official Time Keeper.

“Maserati is lending its name to a boat which represents the synthesis of nautical technology and with which Soldini and his crew will attempt to break major ocean records,” said Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati S.p.A.

“Giovanni Soldini aboard Maserati expresses the absolute symbiosis of values – passion, emotion, speed, adrenalin, innovation along with craftsmanship and an Italian identity – between the Trident marque and the great Italian yachtsman in a series of offshore challenges on a global scale.”

The Maserati CEO’s enthusiasm was reflected by the challenge’s other partners.

“Yacht Club Italiano is delighted to be partnering Giovanni Soldini and Maserati in this important challenge,” declared Carlo Croce, president of Yacht Club Italiano.

Alfredo Gysi, CEO of BSI SA, the Gruppo Generali bank specialising in private wealth management, also expressed his pleasure in supporting the attempt.

“We are pleased to support, together with Maserati, Giovanni Soldini and his crew and recognise the great sporting value of their project,” he declared. “Tackling such a challenge requires great technical expertise, team spirit and aspiration to excellence: all values that are fully reflected in our group.”

News Source: Maserati