Maserati Soldini trans-Atlantic sail

A crew of seven, skippered by Giovanni Soldini, Maserati mono-hull racing yacht is attempting to set a new record for a trans-Atlantic crossing.  Atlantic sailing record attempt

13 Feb 2012  Maserati crossed the finish line

Maserati crossed the finish line at San Salvador at 10 59′ 10” GMT hrs (11 59′ 10” Italian time). Giovanni Soldini and his team took 10 days 23 hours 9 minutes 2 seconds  to run the 3884 miles between Cadiz and San Salvador, establishing a great reference time for the monohull category.

Maserati Soldini trans-Atlantic sail (2)

The Maserati VOR70 mono-hull racing yacht features composite material construction and a carbon mast over 98 ft (30 m) high.

Maserati Soldini trans-Atlantic sail (4)

Good news from Maserati, departed today (Feb 2) at 11 50′ 08” hrs GMT in an attempt to establish a new record for the Cadiz-San Salvador crossing, record never attempted by a monohull yacht. On the phone Giovanni Soldini is enthusiastic: ‘We are doing great. We have 25 knots of north – west wind and we are now sailing at about 20 knots. We are meeting many ships going in and out the Gulf of Gibraltar, so we have to be very carefull. We take regular turns: 4 inside and 4 outside. It’s like flying’

Maserati Soldini trans-Atlantic sail (1)

source: maserati.soldini