Cervelo P5- Master Bicycle Aerodynamics

Cervélo has created the P5, the most advanced and the most aerodynamic bike ever, by using aerospace-grade computational fluid dynamics software and virtual wind-tunnel tests to design it.

Images credit: Cervélo

Cervelo P5- Master Bicycle Aerodynamics (4)

The P5 is engineered with an unmatched range of fit, superior hydraulic brakes, and a versatile storage and hydration system.

Cervelo P5- Master Bicycle Aerodynamics (3)

Features define the P5:

Frameset: Fast and Fit. The P5 is the most aerodynamic, best-fitting, and best match of stiffness and comfort. The P5 frameset is Cervélo’s most aerodynamic ever, with skin surfaces tuned for each AeroZone™ to optimize airflow conditions at each point along the frame. The result is a time saving of ~30-seconds in a 40-kilometer time trial. The P5 also features a BBright™ bottom bracket for ultimate power transfer and ComfortPly™ technology which removes unnecessary material to reduce vibration and improve ride quality.

Storage & Hydration: Designed for speed and versatility, a full range of sleek and intuitive storage solutions are custom designed for the P5. From an integral bottle cage mount between the aerobar pads, to a Shimano Di2 battery located inside the frame’s HiddenPocket™, to multiple locations for nutrition, the P5 mates optimal aero locations with ease of access.

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source Cervélo