McDonald Creek, Montana

The photo above, was captured along a fast-moving section of McDonald Creek, showing a lovely scene in Glacier National Park Montana.  This is the longest stream within the park (approximately 25 mi or 40 km in length).   Image credit: Rick May

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Its headwaters are on Mount Geduhn in the Livingston Range. Before emptying into Lake McDonald, the stream had to cut its way through layers of shale, limestone and sandstone of the Belt Supergroup. McDonald Creek is one of the many glacial streams in Glacier National Park falling hard from the high country to the plains below.

It’s tranquil this time of year (early fall), but during spring snowmelt, the rush of water pouring downstream can be deafening. Note that the chartreuse patch of light at lower center is actually the reflection of coniferous trees standing well above the water line off to the left. Photo taken in September 2012.   Summary Authors: Rick May, Martin Richard; Jim Foster

Lake McDonald in the winter

Lake McDonald in the winter.   Image credit Wikimedia

McDonald Creek, Montana - world map

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