McLaren 12C MP4

New photos of the McLaren 12C MP4 by English photographer Thomas Moeller, at the McLaren Product Woking Centre, for the launch of the new McLaren cars website.     Images © Thomas Moeller

The McLaren 12C was the first in a new range of high performance sports cars from McLaren Automotive. Designed and built like no other sports car, the 12C benefits from McLaren’s Formula 1 world championship-winning heritage, and has been developed by a world-class team of designers and engineers with hands-on Grand Prix experience.

Formula 1 technology includes the one-piece carbon fibre MonoCell chassis – for greater strength and lower weight – plus Brake Steer and an ‘active’ aerodynamics McLaren Airbrake (although these last two technologies have now been banned from Formula 1 as they offered performance advantages). The 12C uses technologies born on the track and offered for the first time on a road car. The technologies and processes used in the development of the 12C are also borrowed from Formula 1 racing, not from normal car making.

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