MeCam quadcopter will Follow You Around

MeCam new tiny quadcopter from Always Innovating, will follow you around, filming everything you do. Launches from the palm of a hand, hovers instantly.

MeCam quadcopter a self video camera that point-and-shoot yourself, and streams video to an Android or iOS phone. Will be voice controlled and equipped by 14 sensors, to keep it from running into walls and other people.

MeCam quadcopter will Follow You Around

The camera is docked in a nano copter with 4 spinning rotors to keep it aloft. There are 14 different sensors which help the copter detect objects around it so it won’t bump into walls, people. or anything else.

Always Innovating also includes stabilization technology so that videos shouldn’t look too shaky.

via smithsonianmag

source alwaysinnovating