Megaface a giant pinscreen by Asif Khan 1

The British architect, Asif Khan has created the Megaface, a giant pinscreen. It is located on the side of a building and it will morph to display the scanned faces of visitors at the Sochi Winter Olympics covering 500 square feet.

Images © Asif Khan

Megaface a giant pinscreen by Asif Khan 2

Megaface by Asif Khan located in at the entrance to the Olympic Park, it will show in total 170,000 faces. However three faces will be shown at any given time for 20 seconds and each visitor will be sent a link so they can see a video of their face slowly appearing and melting away.

Khan explains: “3D photo booths within the pavilion and across Russia in MegaFon retail stores will scan visitors’ portraits to be recreated in by the pavilion. It’s facade is designed to function like a huge pin screen. It is made up of over 10,000 actuators which transform the building’s skin into a three-dimensional portrait of each visitor’s face. The concept is to give everyone the opportunity to be the face of the Olympics.”

Megaface a giant pinscreen by Asif Khan 3

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source Asif Khan