Meixi Lake bridge by NEXT 1

Meixi Lake bridge by NEXT architects, is the award winning proposition for the pedestrian bridge, besides Changsha capital of Hunan province in China.

NEXT designed a bridge that is more than just a connection.  The pedestrian bridge is one of the key projects within the Dragon King Harbor River development part of the vast development of the new lake district.

The bridge is the key project for the development of the public space of the river park with recreational, ecological and touristic program.

Michel Schreinemacher, said:

“The construction with the intersecting connections is based on the principal of the Möbius ring.”

John van de Water, adds:

“On the other hand it refers to a Chinese knot that comes from an ancient decorative Chinese folk art.”

Construction is scheduled for next year.

Meixi Lake bridge by NEXT 3

source NEXT architects