Melt Fat using Gold Nanoparticles

Gold Nanoparticles could be used to melt fat before Liposuction, instead of breaking up fat cells by scraping them with a sharp strawlike needle back and forth.

Breaking up fat cells this way before they are sucked out could also damage nerves and connective tissue. Using gold nanoparticles to melt unwanted fat is currently being tested in animals. USCD professor Adah ­Al­mutair and her brother Khalid, a cosmetic surgeon try to develop the new gentler, more refined technique which according to Chemical and Engineering News basically entails:

The plan was to inject the nanoparticles into the fatty area, fan infrared laser light over it in a controlled fashion, and then simply suck out the melted fat and the particles with a thin needle. Because fat melts at a lower temperature than the one at which connective tissue or nerve cells burn, the strategy “maintains the integrity of the tissue.

via gizmodo