Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow

The ‘silver arrow’ is based on Mercedes-benz racing vehicles, slung on large ‘hoop’ wheels with hub-less, ‘omni-directional’ maneuvering capability.

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow

This epic adventure has it all, including a surprise ending that will have audiences cheering as our reluctant heroes save the day with a little old-school subterfuge and help from the great tradition of the mercedes-benz automobiles.

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow

In a futuristic society of increased artificial intelligence, two enlightened crash test mannequins, Hans05 and Franz02, show that they’re no dummies when it comes to recognizing a potential catastrophe and decide to take matters into their own hands. As the evil battering ram Dr. Crash-Barrier seeks to continue his reign of terror and mayhem, the two heroes take action to save their beloved Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow. They lead the relentless ‘Dr. Barrier’ on an action packed thrill ride through the past and future of transportation.

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow (6)

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow (7)

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow (5)

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow (4)

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow (3)

Mercedes-Benz -Silver arrow (2)


Design Director: Hubert Lee
Designers: Jackson Luttig, Yasu Sato
Designer/Animation: Alan Barrington

LA Auto Show Design Challenge

The Design Challenge has only been around eight years, but has assumed an instant credibility as Los Angeles has the world’s highest concentration of automotive design studios, with almost all of the major automakers from North America, Europe and Asia having a presence there.

Design Los Angeles provides a global automotive design forum surrounding the auto show and the design challenge is a place where trends and technologies and new thought is discussed. More than 500 designers attended last year’s event.