Microsoft instant translation tool in your own voice

Software giant Microsoft introduced an instant translation tool in your own voice, that ‘works like a human brain’, a machine translation breakthrough the last 30 years.   Have a look at the video…

Microsoft has demonstrated a tool to instantly translate spoken language, that the speech sounds like the original speaker.

Rick Rashid, head of Microsoft Research, explaining the breakthrough in translation technology. He said:

“Most significantly we have attained an important goal by enabling an English speaker like me to present in Chinese in his or her own voice, which is what I demonstrated in China.

It required a text to speech system that Microsoft researchers built using a few hours speech of a native Chinese speaker and properties of my own voice taken from about one hour of pre-recorded (English) data.

When I spoke in English, the system automatically combined all the underlying technologies to deliver a robust speech to speech experience—my voice speaking Chinese.”

via DailyMail