Midnight Scoop

Midnight Scoop, the easiest way to scoop hard ice cream designed by Michael Chou.   Watch the video…

The magic of the Midnight scoop is the curved handle, that makes it much easier to scoop hard ice cream.

The ergonomically shaped curved of the handle lets you push the Midnight Scoop with your palms. Your wrist are kept straight and protected.

Midnight Scoop (3)

Midnight Scoop (2)


“Through an engineer’s understanding of ergonomic design and mechanical force, I came up with a design that protects the wrist when the Midnight Scoop is held. If you’re using the Midnight Scoop properly, you’re not using the small weak muscles located inside the wrist. Instead, you hold the curved end with the palm of your hand and “push” into the ice cream. This allows you to keep your wrists straight and protected while you use large muscles like your arms and chest – which are significantly stronger than your wrist. This – to me – is how to scoop ice cream properly.”

Midnight Scoop (1)



source Kickstarter