Mind-Controlled Airplane

Researchers from the Technische Universität München (TUM) in Germany are working in a new method to mind control airplanes.

Above: Simulating brain controlled flying at the Institute for Flight System Dynamics. Image credit: A. Heddergott/TU München.

The TUM team by using electroencephalography electrodes, succeeded in demonstrating that brain-controlled flight is indeed possible and with amazing precision.

According to the researchers, considering that some of the participants had no cockpit experience, all were able to pilot the plane using their thoughts, in a flight simulator of course.

Aerospace engineer Tim Fricke, who heads the project at TUM, explains:

“A long-term vision of the project is to make flying accessible to more people. With brain control, flying, in itself, could become easier. This would reduce the work load of pilots and thereby increase safety. In addition, pilots would have more freedom of movement to manage other manual tasks in the cockpit.”

via CNET

source TUM