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Saveonelife is an electronic device in a shoe that detects landmines, aimed at people who are exposed to these explosive devices.

The Saveonelife device is designed to be installed as an overlay on any type of footwear. Is provided with a planar coil printed on a conductive material, acting as a metal detector. It has a microprocessor and a radio transmitter that sends a signal recognized by a receptor in the user’s wrist.

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When an element having the features of a mine is within a range of 2 meters, a warning signal is sent to the user.

The user has a bracelet receiver whose display shows the affected area and locate antipersonnel mine, preventing the detonation of this. This project was developed by members of Lemur Studio Design studio based in Bogota who rely on the design thinking when designing, saw an opportunity in a problem that affects the world and wanted to make their contribution to counter and from there SaveOneLife was created.

The project’s main objective is to save a life, we think that a life is priceless any, is the most valuable thing we have and what more we should protect given that when one of them is affected by a mine, not only that life is affected but also many other nearby people and all those who are related, a mine not just one person attacks, attacks whole families, friends etc.., people surrounding the victim.

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