Miniature Eco-City

Seoul-based firm Planning Korea has unveiled plans to construct an eco-friendly bridge in the capital that can generate its own power. As far as bridges go, this one is pretty impressive.

The Paik Nam June Media Bridge will measure approximately 1,080 metres, spanning the Han River, and connect the Dang-Li power plant in the north to the National Assembly Building in the south.

Inspired by the agile limbs of the water strider, a surface-gliding insect, the bridge will straddle the river and provide access to both land and water, via pod-shaped boat piers. Water taxis, cruise ships and other water craft will be able to dock in the pods, while the interior will accommodate cars, pedestrians and cyclists. The structure is also planned to function as a ‘mini city’, including shopping malls, a museum, a library and a park.

Planners have also included several environmentally friendly features in the design. The surface of the bridge will be covered by solar panels, allowing the structure to generate its own energy. Each of the floors, including the roof, will feature both horizontal and vertical gardens, drawing on water from the river and rainfall.

Miniature Eco-City in a Bridge
Miniature Eco-City in South Korea

Miniature Eco-City
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