Miniature human brain created

Scientists have developed, for the first time, a miniature stem cell which resemble the human brain of a nine week-old embryo.

Brain In A Dish A 3-D model brain organoid with different brain regions. All cells show up blue, neural stem cells are red and neurons are green. Image © Madeline A. Lancaster

The stem cells measure 3 – 4 millimeters across, will help scientists learn what causes some people to develop neurological disabilities.

Each one of the miniature brains comprising several defined regions such as a cerebral cortex.

Juergen Knoblich, who coordinated the study, said:

“The parts are correctly organized, but not put together.

A car where you have an engine, you have the wheels–but the engine is on the roof…that car would never drive, but you could still take that car and analyze how an engine works.”

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