Miniature Windmill generating wind energy  1

Researchers have designed a micro-windmill that generates wind energy. This may become an innovative solution to cell phone batteries constantly in need of recharging.

Smitha Rao and J.-C. Chiao from UT Arlington research associate and electrical engineering, designed and built the device that is about 1.8 mm at its widest point.

A single grain of rice could hold about 10 of these tiny windmills.

Wind, created by waving the cell phone in air or holding it up to an open window on a windy day, would generate the electricity that could be collected by the cell phone’s battery. Hundreds of the windmills could be embedded in a sleeve for a cell phone.

Rao said:

“The company was quite surprised with the micro-windmill idea when we showed the demo video of working devices. It was something completely out of the blue for them and their investors.”

Miniature Windmill generating wind energy  2

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source UT Arlington