If the Moon were replaced with our planets

A visualization of what it might be like if the Moon was replaced with some of the other planets at the same distance as our Moon.   Take a look at the impressive video…

In order show: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn.

Mercury is intentionally left off as it isn’t much bigger than our Moon (and hence is boring).

Everything is correctly scaled. The Axial tilts are not particularly right.
The moon that flies in front of Saturn is Tethys.

On Jupiter, you might be able to make out the 4 big moons, They all have orbits larger than our moons orbit. but I stuck them on the far side of jupiter so that they could be seen so it looks as if they are closer (to Jupiter) than they are.

Dione would be on a collision course, it’s orbital distance from Saturn is Nearly identical to our Moon’s orbit around Earth. Titan, which is Larger than our Moon, is outside the orbit of Dione

Distance to Moon 384,000km
Scales used in Visualization:
Celestial Body Radius (in km)
Moon: 1738
Mars: 3397
Venus: 6052
Neptune: 25,269 (equatorial) 24,340 (polar)
Uranus: 25,559 (equatorial) 24,973 (polar)
Jupiter: 71,490 (equatorial) 66,854 (polar)
Saturn: 60,268 (equatorial) 54,360 (polar) (not including rings)

Video creation method:
I created an Earth Moon system in 3dsmax, with exact sizes and accurate orbital distances.. I than matched video of the real Moon with my video camera, against my model. I also researched the correct FOV of my video camera. I used both methods to verify my Virtual camera’s FOV (around 47 degrees). I next modeled up the rest of the planets in proper scale (Real values) set at the distance of the moon (also real values), created the animation of them rotating around, and composited the whole bunch.