Most extensive Face Transplant ever

Richard Lee Norris recently had the most extensive face transplant ever. He suffered a terrible gun accident back in 1997, that ripped off his face and that year he went under a face transplant with excellent results.   Image credit: University of Maryland Medical Center 

Norris 37, was treated by a team of doctors at University of Maryland in March. He received donor skin from his scalp to his neck, along with teeth, tongue, muscle, tissue and a jaw, in a 36-hour surgery.

Norris said: “For the past 15 years I lived as a recluse hiding behind a surgical mask and doing most of my shopping at night when less people were around.

“I am now able to walk past people and no one even gives me a second look,” he said in the release. “My friends have moved on with their lives, starting families and careers. I can now start working on the new life given back to me.”

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