Most of the people live in a small circle on Earth

A new perspective about the population on Earth. In this image, posted to Reddit by valeriepieris, you can see where most of the humans live. “There are more people living inside this circle than outside of it.” In a rough calculation this area is 1/18 of our planet.

Larger image

According to calculations in valeriepieris post:

World pop: 7 (+) bil, so the circle must have more than 3.5 bil people in.

China pop: 1.33 bil
India pop: 1.25 bil
Indonesia pop: 0.25 bil
Japan pop: 0.13 bil
Thailand pop: 0.07 bil
Bangladesh pop: 0.14 bil
Pakistan pop: 0.19 bil
Malaysia pop: 0.03 bil
Philippines pop: 0.095 bil
South Korea pop: 0.04 bil

Total from above: 3.524 bil

via io9