JILA’s strontium optical atomic clock

This new atomic clock can keep perfect time for 5 billion years. It’s world most precise clock.

JILA’s strontium optical atomic clock currently has the best accuracy, reproducibility, and stability of any clock in the world. The blue cloud of strontium at the heart of the Sr-lattice optical atomic clock under development in the Ye labs. Credit: The Ye group and Brad Baxley, JILA

Jun Ye, the scientist here at JILA who built this clock, said:

“It’s about the whole, entire age of the earth. Our aim is that we’ll have a clock that, during the entire age of the universe, would not have lost a second.”

A recent evaluation showed that the strontium optical atomic clock it is more accurate, reproducible, and stable than any other atomic clocks, including those based on single trapped ions.

The JILA Sr-lattice clock uses laser beams to trap the strontium atoms inside energy peaks and valleys created by light. The result is a clock that is 30 times more accurate and 300 times more stable than the cesium-based atomic clocks currently used as time standards in national laboratories around the world.

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source University of Colorado