Smart Ring

Mota SmartRing: Connectivity at your fingertips. Wirelessly connects to your SmartPhone and updates you on only the notifications you want, right at your fingertips.

Mota SmartRing keeps you connected with what matters most. You alone decide with whom and with what you want to connect.

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The Smart Ring’s companion app for Android and iOS devices allows ultra fine-grained control of notifications to be displayed on the ring. Low energy Bluetooth 4.0 communications provides a stable connection between your phone and your SmartRing.

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The ring lets you scroll through text at your own speed. Whoever your VIPs are, you’ll ensure you never miss another text, email, or phone call from them again!

Customize your ring to notify you only of a select few if you’re crunching low on time. Expand your circle of contacts for when you don’t mind being in touch with the world. The MOTA SmartRing gives you back the most precious thing of all: time.

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