Moving Wind Turbine Blade

One of the 83.5 meter long Wind Turbine blades from Danish SSP Technology during transportation to Scotland, installed on a 7 MW test offshore turbine.

This offshore wind energy project from Samsung Heavy Industries, targeted to start in 2015.

With a rotor diameter of 171.2 m, each wind turbine blade weighs 30 tonnes. The 7 MW wind turbine equipped with the three blades can, in a matter of just 30 minutes, produce the amount of energy equal to the annual energy consumption of an average family

The root diameter of the blades is only 4.2 meters, which makes it ideal to help smooth road transportation. The blades are transported on heavy load trucks from SSP Technology’s production site in the southern part of Funen, Denmark. In the port of Esbjerg on the Danish west coast, the blades are loaded onto special vessels for the sea transport to the installation site of the Scottish coast.

via sploid.gizmodo

source investindk