MTA's Fulton Center

MTA‘s Fulton Center subway station and retail space, situated at the heart of Lower Manhattan, has officially opened to the public.

The MTA‘s Fulton Center new Lower Manhattan transit hub by Grimshaw, connects eleven New York City subway lines, designed to enhance 275,000 passengers each day.

The station complex is one of New York City’s busiest underground transit interchanges.

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The MTA appointed Arup, with Grimshaw, to develop designs for a new transit hub, with re-engineered platform and passenger access below ground.

The Transit Center is organised around a grand civic space at its core. This atrium design is topped by a glass oculus and defined by a hyperbolic paraboloid cable net, stretched within a cone, developed in partnership with artist James Carpenter. This cable net supports an inner skin of filigree metal reflector panels, optimised to capture and distribute year round daylight to the deepest levels of the transit centre.

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