Muscat Cultural Center

Muscat Cultural Center in Oman, designed by AS Architecture Studio, is a benchmark in the world of international architecture. An award winning creation, in contrast to anything ever attempted before on similar lines.

Muscat Cultural

The work of art will enjoy natural illumination thanks to its colossal white roof sections perforated for free flow of light and air. The idea is inspired by Oman’s mosque architecture. The natural sunlight filters onto the large public spaces, thus reducing the need to use artificial lights during the day. The improved conditions and ventilation lends the Center a distinct contemporary aesthetic look.

While the roof of Muscat Cultural Center bulges on the western wing for the theater program, the central courtyard is ensconced by Oman’s National Theatre, National Archive and National Library.


The location of Muscat Cultural Center is between the sea and mountains, an oasis of palm trees and protected open spaces. There are three wings adjacent to the courtyard, which is the protected core of the traditional fortified floor plan.

The Center is naturally cooled by overhangs and water features reminiscent of the countries aqueducts or falajs.

Muscat Center

Muscat Cultural Center

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