museum of polish history
museum of polish history2Los Angeles based studio, design initiatives have proposed a new direction for the museum of Polish history located in Warsaw, Poland.

The proposed hybrid structure of the museum is a footbridge, park and building,
integrated into each other and coherent with the surrounding environment. The proposal is a synergy of nature and history, adopting its form from the undulating topography of Poland. By digging into the ground, the local historical values of the museum are naturally preserved while also emphasizing and preserving as much of the nearby park as possible.
museum of polish history
The museum connects two embankments, integrating the landscape with other cultural facilities in the area while also stabilizing the Warsaw escarpment it lies upon.
To successfully cover the main highway, the layout of two surrounding streets are rotated nearly 90 degrees, existing lanes are widened while new ones are added. New pedestrian paths and bike routes take into account the historic layout of passages and provides new connections between the museum and neighboring facilities.
museum of polish history3
museum of polish history4
museum of polish history5

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