My Pace Goggle

My Pace Goggle by designer Joh Minhoo, is a pair of swimming goggles integrated with an LCD panel, to track your swim. The panel comprises of an electronic watch and track recorder, which beam timings and certain stats in the peripheral view of the swimmer, while he is swimming.

My Pace Goggle  (3)

These smart pace swimming goggles allows a swimmer to adjust his pace in the water and help him develop physical strength in the water by providing him his daily record and record comparison.

A swimmer pushes the power button and turns on the electronic panel before going into water. The LCD panel of an electronic watch is attached on the inside of the right part of the goggles and gives the swimmer his record while he swims.

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It also doesn’t bother swimmer’s sight while their swimming. When the battery runs out, it can be recharged by it’s solar heat board while being dried in the sun. It is uses a solar energy instead of industrial battery.