Mysterious flash

Get these every couple of weeks on the allsky. What could they be? “They are not iridium flares because they are stationary,” said James Beauchamp, an amateur astronomer who hosts the meteor camera for Sandia National Labs and New Mexico State University. They are not geosynchronous because the az/el are too far North.

They are reflective because they always happen just prior to or after sunrise/sunset. Whatever it is, it’s slow and BIG.

Beauchamp says he see a flash like this about once every month or so. Some are really bright like this one, and others are just small blinks.

“It would be awesome if this mystery was some cool unknown object or secret atmospheric/orbital activity, but the real answer is probably very disappointing,” said Beauchamp in an email to Universe Today. He’s guessing it is a satellite with a big, reflective panel that appears at the right place and time for a direct reflection from the sun to the camera.

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Sandia National Labs and New Mexico State University