3d printed Bikini

The ‘N12’ bikini is designed by continuum fashion and the first completely 3D printed, ready-to-wear item of clothing. The bikini demonstrates the intricacy possible with this technology, as well as the technical challenges of creating a flexible surface.

Thousands of circular plates are connected by thin springs, creating a wholly new material that holds its form as well as being flexible.


[vimeo http://vimeo.com/24435512 w=618&h=348]

Nylon 12, the source of the bikini’s name as well as the material from which it is printed, is well suited for swimwear as it is innately waterproof.
Was designed using rhino 3D CAD software and a specially written algorithmic script to create the structure of the 3D printed fabric, using a complex ‘circle packing’ equation on an arbitrarily doubly curved surface. The aesthetic design is completely derived from the structural design.