Nanotech device Mimics Dog's Nose to detect Explosives

A new nanotech device mimics dog’s nose to detect explosives, by using microfluidic nanotechnology to mimic the biological mechanism behind canine scent receptors.

Above image: Concept illustration of the microscale free-surface microfluidic channel as it concentrates vapor molecules that bind to nanoparticles inside a chamber. A laser beam detects the nanoparticles, which amplify a spectral signature of the detected molecules.    Image credit: UCSB Peter Allen

According to research team at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), led by professors Carl Meinhart of mechanical engineering and Martin Moskovits of chemistry:

The device is both highly sensitive to trace amounts of certain vapor molecules, and able to tell a specific substance apart from similar molecules.


via engadget

source UCSB